The Shield

Here I am sitting
Inside my solid fortress
Shielded from the world and hidden
From cold, cruel mankind
I am loved

I am chasing my dreams
In my ivory tower
Covered from the harshness of a
Globe that preys on idealistic minds
I am loved

I am eager to slice into these
Preconceived notions
Of what life is to be for someone like me
It is all working fine in theory because
I am loved

No one can hurt me here
Enclosed within these walls
I am free to nurse my soul
And I never want to leave
I am loved

Sometimes I think that I know
Who I am once more and
Who I want to become again
Then I realize that it doesn’t matter
I am loved

In past lives I slayed dragons and
Fought Holy Wars of the mind
My spirit was set ablaze and left for dead
Never to return to its pristine condition
It is dirty and unclean now but
I am loved








They lie down upon the grass
Smiling up at the cloudless sky
Staring into the abyss of each’s being
Basking in the wonder of existence
Dreaming of many tomorrows
Captured by the enduring inclination
To recreate moments in time

They satisfy their hunger by
Consuming fruit, wine, & decadence
Feeling the never-ending cycle of endings
But not them
They would not be like the others
They would be unlike the world
They would float atop the breeze

They hear pretty words, and then those stop
They see souls perched on clouds, and then those fall
They smell pheromones that quickly burn out
They taste success, and feel what is yet to come
And nothing is left, but to embrace inconstancy
And to hold fast to those
Sweet moments in time

The Woman That Men Love

I’m the woman that men love
To have by their side when
They want to have a good time

I’m the woman that men love
To have in their beds when
They want someone to hold them tight

I’m the woman that men love
To have on their arms when
They want a pretty face to show off

I’m the woman that men love
To call on their phones when
They want to laugh at the craziness of life

I’m the woman that men love
To have in their homes when
They want to be loved deeply

I’m the woman that men love
To place on their shelves when
They want to.

He Is Poetry

A gaze into your eyes is like
Staring into a deep, inviting abyss
One that I love to get lost in
And one that I frequently do

Your eyes expose me
They undress my soul – it is laid bare
For everyone to see
But the only ones that do are
Just the two of us

Your penetrating stare burns
A hole through my sadness, my tears,
My worries and fears – until
They all disintegrate
And all disappear

Under the guise of your eyes,
My knees lose all power – but
My heart gains fortitude
It knows what cannot be put into words,

That you have taken hold of my soul
And that I have agreed to let you have it.

“Not” A Poem About Love

Love is beautiful
For we feed on connection
With other beings

Love’s a tiny bird
It can fly away at will
But always returns

Love’s a gentle kiss
That shows its recipient
Worthy of regard

Love’s a free-spirit,
Cannot be placed in a box
Or it will perish

Love is eternal
If one loves once, and it ends
Then it was not true

Love is in all things
From it, spirits are composed
Love, is love, is love