Hey, everyone! So, this is who I am in a nutshell:

Name: Liberty. In my 20s. Lives in the Northeastern US. LOVES wine & cocktails. Thinks people are cool. Likes everything about children (the nice ones). Diehard fashion fanatic. Has modeled in various mediums. Really likes reading. Thinks George Orwell is a prophet. Idolizes Robert F. Kennedy. Seattle is my version of Mecca.  Loves ‘love’. Couldn’t live without music (that is no exaggeration!). Life-hacks life on a daily basis.

Frequent traveler. Technology-whiz, not ashamed to admit it. Fascinated by entrepreneurs and creatives. Basks in sunshine, communes with nature. Sports fan to the core. Is so, so random. Takes millions of quizzes, which will of course tell me who I am and what my purpose is in life. Thinks being alive is fun, and can’t understand people that think otherwise. Will be rich by the time that I am 30. And I not so secretly like writing!

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