Women Tend To Outlive Men In Every Country On Earth. What Are Some Of The Reasons For This?

Women Tend To Outlive Men In Every Country On Earth. What Are Some Of The Reasons For This?

Men tend to have a lot of advantages in most places. They make more money. Their physical endurance is greater than that of women, generally speaking. If they decide to head out for a walk around their neighborhood – or head to a local bar – they don’t have to wonder if some pervert will attempt to violate them via either words or touch. There’s one way in which men do not have the upper-hand over their female counterparts. Men do not live as long as women. Not in this country, and not in any country on Earth.

What could be the reason(s) for this? It’s a peculiar thing, really. For a sex that has historically held power in every way in almost every society, why wouldn’t they be able to live longer? As mentioned above, men are richer and more naturally physically fit than women. Could it be that money and physical attributes don’t translate to a longer lifespan? Well, yes and no.

Financial prosperity does play a part in lengthening one’s life; the statistics bear this out time and time again. Men of the highest 1% in income live about 15 years longer than men in the lowest 1%. For women in the top and bottom 1%, that gap is 10 years. That’s a 10-15 year addition on to one’s life, just for the privilege of being rich.

Having money also allows for a less stressful life. Stress is known to both cause and aggravate many health conditions, and having personal wealth reduces one’s financial burden and lessens the occurrence of those conditions. There’s more time for exercise, which reduces obesity levels.

While these facts exist, the issue still stands: why do men not live as long as women? Well, there are more than a few reasons, but I’ll list two large ones:

Risky Behaviors:
Men engage in risky behaviors at a higher rate than women. Smoking and drinking in excess are both more common among males. This is partly due to sensation-seeking. In other words, men like to experience things that provide variety, novelty, complexity, and intensity. And, this type of behavior seems to be acceptable because of defined gender norms.

According to Kyung-Jin Min, a professor of biological sciences at Inha University in South Korea, testosterone decreases immune function and increases the risk for cardiovascular diseases. Conversely, estrogen gives women protection against the type of DNA damage that leads to disease.

As we can see from the above points, many of the advantages that males have in society are just that – societal advantages. Male social dominance has existed for ages and continues to exist today. The advantages that women have, however, are based in biology. Society would benefit immensely from recognizing the benefits that both sexes bring to the table. It would also benefit from not allowing the longer length of the female lifespan to hinder progress toward gender equality.

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