Descent Into The Abyss

Descent Into The Abyss

My descent into the Abyss
Began between the edge of despair and the
Bridge to Yesterday
When did I make an incorrect turn?
Where did I go?

My journey took me over the
Edge, to float gently into a waiting
Envelope of Darkness where
I somehow know the locale of all things.
Have I seen this all before?

My voyage has been unknown, and has been
Rooted in the Darkness that has become
All too familiar. It is suffocation, but let us drive away
The tendency towards fear of it.
If God created Light, then
Doesn’t that mean that
Darkness is the natural order of things?

My being is left to wander
Among the lithe Pirouetters of the
Felt but Unseen Lands
They seem at ease
How are they so calm?

I consciously know naught of this
Mastery of the Soul. But,
The Soul demands Freedom – though that
Freedom may come without light.
Do I know of this without Knowing?

The oppression of Spirit from without and
The suppression of Spirit from within
Leaves the Being suffocated
So I join the Pirouetters in the Darkness.
Turning, and turning, and turning –
Acknowledging my existence.

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