One cold and damp day near Columbia, I went to see
My president and my idol, both in their
Final resting places. Everyone comes to see them.
They are loved. My love and I were shown the
Way, and then we embarked on the trek to their spaces.
Marched up the path, vast fields of Death and
Lost Souls peppering the landscape. I wonder why they had to die. I wonder their names.

At long last, I find my heroes. Enveloped in gray and
An eternal flame that mirrored their beauty and
Vibrance. There were others capturing photos, but I
Could not bring myself to do so. They captured my
Heart and imagination, I captured this memory mentally. And
That is enough.

Next, I wandered to the Senator. Small space, very
Unassuming, humble. I was in awe. A lifetime of
Inspiration. Solemnity. Respect.

Nightfall began, so we walked to the Tomb of the
Unknown Soldier. Aren’t they all unknown? And
Why did they have to die? I still wonder their

The Guard began to change. Silent. Solemn. Respect.
Our uniformed personnel are so coordinated. Strict.
Loud. Yelled at everyone to depart immediately. Do
Not trespass on Military Property.

We walked, side by side, my love and I, our hands
Entwined. Walked, beneath a crimson sky, escaping
These Fields of Unknown Soldiers. Feelings of
Ominosity dripping from every raindrop that sprung
From our surroundings. A Pall hung over Columbia,
A ceiling of red. Anger? Hatred? Rage? Power? War?

I still wonder why they died.

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