Regaining Creativity

Regaining Creativity

Have you ever sat down to write a story, and could not find the words to convey what it is that you would like to say? That is me, right now, right this instant. That is me most of the time when I set out to write. That is why I generally find it difficult to write every day, as I would like to do. Perhaps I have recently had a breakthrough into solving this problem, however.

Yesterday, I was sitting outside at a local coffee shop with my significant other while he worked on lyrics to a song that he is writing. I threw back my head and began to stare deeply into the sky. Who knows what I wanted to happen – except for an idea to land on my shoulder and enter my mind so that I could begin writing (which I eventually followed through with an idea; it can be found here). As I quickly scanned the crowd of people that had joined us outside, I began to get desperate. I craved a written release, but it felt like I was mentally constricted.

But then, I was rescued. My rescuer came in the form of a brief musing on one of my idols, Kurt Cobain. I thought about how many things that he created over the course of his life seemed nonsensical and entirely random – but somehow, it all came together into beautiful works of written art. I pondered, “What was his secret?” Then it hit me: when Kurt created, he allowed words to simply flow onto the page without filtering them. He did not care about what others thought. He had no high regard for perfection. He was simply a sensitive soul that had a strong desire to create.

I thought to myself, “Well, I’m also a sensitive soul that has a strong desire to create. What am I doing wrong?” So, I began to write. I went with the first idea that came to mind. At first, the words were difficult to coax out of my pen onto the paper, but words began flowing with ease as I continued. I came up with a great piece, and am proud of having overcome that obstacle of being blocked from expression. My filter was torn down. My flow of creativity had opened again.

When I ran into the same issue today, I told myself to sit down and let words tumble out. Eventually it would all come together into a crystallized idea. After all, I am a writer. To be a writer requires that I write instead of thinking about it.

Talk soon,
Liberty <3

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