Rest In Bliss

Rest In Bliss

I can sense it in my bones
The desire to evolve from a
Life of chasing, constantly seeking
Something that matters to persons
Other than Me

Death to the forces that
Tell me to mount a ladder to
Nowhere, while sacrificing my
Personal happiness, a thing which we
Only have the right to pursue, not necessarily
To take part in

I worry about the side effects, I
Wonder about the outcome, I
Ponder the aftermath, I
Decide not to trouble myself with
Concern for Others and their beliefs
My mind is weary

My spirit has been ignored;
Duty calls, and this time I must answer
Or risk the quiet demise of the substance that I call my
Life – Perish the thought!
My back is turned away from societal norms
If we all must pass from existence, then
I shall pass in happiness and, when that time arrives,
I shall rest in bliss



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