Everything Is Matter – Nothing Matters

How paralyzing must it be to feel that
One wants to Have It All, while also
Wanting no part in anything?
How does one reconcile the
Feeling of wanting to both Fall Away and
Become One with all of creation?

How hopeless must it be to see that
Nothing Means Anything and
Everything Means Nothing, but realizing that
You create your meaning in all, and nothing makes sense,
But you crave in the depths of your being an answer to the question:
“What does this all mean? What is the point? Why do we all exist?”

You know Everything. You know Nothing. Stop trying to find
logical answers in an illogical world. You will drive yourself mad. Maybe
you are already mad. How do we go on? How do we continue? If we don’t, what of it? If
we were gone tomorrow, would it matter?

Why does it matter if we matter? Why can’t we simply exist? Why is our sheer existence not enough? Why do we need to impress others? Do others even care about us? Do others even care about themselves? Do we even care anymore about
anyone or anything? Do we matter? Are we Significant? If we are, to whom?

You are Everything. You are Nothing. Stop trying to find logical answers in an illogical world.



Rest In Bliss

I can sense it in my bones
The desire to evolve from a
Life of chasing, constantly seeking
Something that matters to persons
Other than Me

Death to the forces that
Tell me to mount a ladder to
Nowhere, while sacrificing my
Personal happiness, a thing which we
Only have the right to pursue, not necessarily
To take part in

I worry about the side effects, I
Wonder about the outcome, I
Ponder the aftermath, I
Decide not to trouble myself with
Concern for Others and their beliefs
My mind is weary

My spirit has been ignored;
Duty calls, and this time I must answer
Or risk the quiet demise of the substance that I call my
Life – Perish the thought!
My back is turned away from societal norms
If we all must pass from existence, then
I shall pass in happiness and, when that time arrives,
I shall rest in bliss



Spring Dreams

Spring is that time of year when
Life begins again –
When the cycle of nature renews and
Flowers begin to bloom

That time when we
Embark on dreams once more, as if we can
Achieve anything, because we are
Boundless, limitless,
Nothing can stop us

The cold, somber feeling of death that
Enveloped us for three months has disintegrated and
Transformed itself into hope, optimism, and
The beauty of the human soul