My life has been usurped into an abyss of
Futility, and nothing seems to be happening the
Right way, despite my best attempts to
Create otherwise
And I don’t know what to do which
I haven’t already done to improve the circumstances

Try harder, work longer, smile more
Act quicker, learn faster, get out more
Work sharper, think smarter, try harder
Useless, pointless, hopeless, fruitless
Been there, done that, I hate the T-shirt –
Burn it, torch it, set it on fire
The flames are keeping me warm
The flames are singeing my skin

I’ll build sand castles with the ashes
Maybe one could become my home
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Finality begets my arrival
Finality begets my conception







“Not” A Poem About Love

Love is beautiful
For we feed on connection
With other beings

Love’s a tiny bird
It can fly away at will
But always returns

Love’s a gentle kiss
That shows its recipient
Worthy of regard

Love’s a free-spirit,
Cannot be placed in a box
Or it will perish

Love is eternal
If one loves once, and it ends
Then it was not true

Love is in all things
From it, spirits are composed
Love, is love, is love







Embrace The Chaos

We’re all crazy, everyone’s crazy
Only a touch though
Just a tad
Chaos, chaos, chaos
And I’m not afraid

Disorder is my friend
I’m a little devil
Wreaking havoc in people’s lives
Trouble, trouble, trouble
And I’m not afraid

I am mayhem
My gift is causing trouble
Push them to their limits
Madness, madness, madness
And I’m not afraid

I don’t make any sense
Not even in the slightest
There is no order
There is no control, only
War with the typical
And  it is a battlefield
And it is scary
And I’m not afraid