Where Is Your Conscience?

Where Is Your Conscience?

You didn’t apologize because
you didn’t think you needed to
But then, you never do
You just never do

When she wept at your feet
In agony and despair
You didn’t quit
You just didn’t care

You told her that you love her
But what is love if it
Destroys the Object of your Altar…….
Burn your altars!
Kill your idols!…….

Where is your conscience?
Where is your soul?
Is it concealed beneath the veneer that
You struggle to uphold?

You’ll have to live with you
for the rest of your life,
and the guilt and the torture
Will eat you alive

I mean you no harm
I have enough of my own
But you need to learn
The depth of what you’ve done

With no sacrifice to present
To the Gods of your mind
You are Nothing and maybe
You’ll see that – with time

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