Vote Of No Confidence: Job Market Edition

Vote Of No Confidence: Job Market Edition

Seems like forever since I’ve been here, but I realized that a person such as myself that so much to say needs a proper outlet for said thoughts. So, I’m back, and hopefully more regularly this time 🙂

So much has happened over this past month. I finished up my work with Planned Parenthood PAC, and it was such an amazing feeling knowing that I was a part of Governor-elect Tom Wolf’s victory in Pennsylvania. All of the long afternoons of speaking with residents, the many days of walking around in damp & dreary weather, the nights of coming home and being so tired that I’d immediately collapse from exhaustion – and getting up the next day to do it all again because I was committed to Tom Wolf’s vision for Pennsylvania….it didn’t go for naught. It all paid off, and it is an honor to say that he is/was my candidate; he will do great things for this state. I may have made the grave mistake of allowing Tom Corbett to get in office because I didn’t feel like voting in 2010, but I more than made up for that error in judgment this year.

On that note, I have had to resume my job search since Election Day is over. I must say, this job market is pretty brutal in Pittsburgh. Despite the growth of the health care/education sectors of the region’s economy, most other industries here are a tough sell for job-seekers. Pittsburgh, as one of my good friends said to me last night, is a great place for people to start up their own ventures. The spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and kicking in the Steel City; it’s a particularly tempting option to consider for me. One of the most dangerous and self-defeating things that a person could do in this New American Economy is to put one’s hope & future in someone else seeing their talent(s) and rewarding them with a way to make a living. I have put my faith in others to provide a consistent way of financial survival for me, and it has been a failing proposition. Given the skills that I possess and the many job/life experiences that I have had, I am most certainly an asset to any employer. If, however, said employers cannot see that, then it is up to me to claim independence from depending on them to provide a way for me to survive. How will I do that? Either starting my own business, or…..becoming a writer.

(This blogger likes writing? Shocker.)

Being told a million times over by instructors/friends/acquaintances that read random things that I write that I really should be a writer has led me to believe that perhaps this is an area in which I have talent. Perhaps there is a reason that working neither for corporate America nor for nonprofits has sparked my interest as a possible lifelong pursuit. And what’s left to do if you’re not working for a corporation or a nonprofit???

**crickets, crickets, crickets**

Doing your own thing, that’s what. I am clearly a misfit in the job market, and I could care less anymore. I want to do what makes me happy. I want to express my thoughts and feelings, and hopefully connect to others in the process. Oftentimes, writers have had a myriad of different life experiences that warrant being put into written form (either that, or they go in search of experiences to write about) – thus, they become writers. My life has been so joyful, so ridiculous, so gut-wrenching, so chaotic, so happy, so sad, and generally so filled with a host of various happenings that I know that what I have gone through (and am continuing to go through) can be of immense benefit to others. Sometimes, all we really need is to know that someone understands. That someone relates to our struggle, and thus can provide us with possible options to escape those struggles. That someone can relate to us on a deep and meaningful level. That someone gets us. 

If people were understood more in life, think of the many lives that we could save! Think of the happiness that we could create in the world! Think of how many relationships could be strengthened, just by making an effort to connect to others through a mutual understanding of who we are and what we have to offer in the world!

Writing, at it’s highest potential, has the ability to accomplish these things – among others. Yes, my ultimate goal in life is to be a active participant in the political sphere. Right now, however, I have two insatiable needs that have to be expressed in some form:

1. To finally become a more open, honest, and vulnerable person through sharing myself and my experiences with others, and

2. To see others do the same.

Writing will help me to achieve both ends, and I must find a way to make that a more sizable part of my life.

Talk soon,

Liberty <3

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