There Was This Party, And…..

There Was This Party, And…..

It’s a pretty chilly morning here in the ‘Burgh, and cold weather makes me think. This morning, it’s making me think about “partying” (Partying on a Sunday? **Screeches to a halt**). Sounds random, but it’s not.

See, I get emails from an advice site called “A New Mode“. This particular email talked about how we sometimes make the wrong impression on people with our digital footprint. Facebook profiles/pics, Twitter thoughts, etc…can be the kiss of death for both jobs and relationships because let’s face it, we all research people online to get to know them better. If you say that you don’t, then A) you’re not telling the truth, or B) you have no access to the Internet.

Back to the original topic: wrong online impressions. Sabrina Alexis (she’s awesome, by the way) talked at one point about unflattering party pics and how that can lose you jobs and dates. Cue “my mind flashing to my past year of life”. I think that I partied enough in one year to last me for the rest of my life. I partied enough to make me hate partying and drinking. Having your friends escort you out of the bar to their house b/c you’re too done to go home alone will do that to you. Now, granted, I had a rough year (as anyone that knows me would attest to) and really just wanted to let off some steam, but I slowly began to realize that I was completely misrepresenting myself to everyone that knew me. The great part of this is that I was smart enough to not post any of my exploits on social media, but to both my acquaintances and my close friends that I hung out with I’d imagine that I was a ‘big ball of messiness’.

Cool story, bro, but where is this going? “

I’m a person that likes to have control of my life, and by partying/drinking as much as I did, I lost control at a time when I desperately needed it. But that whole experience was valuable, in a sense. I think that everyone should hit bottom at least once in their lives because it causes a lot of soul-searching and self reevaluation. I, for one, realized that I don’t even like crazy parties/drinking. I really like the social value of going out & being with my friends, though, and I’ve rediscovered many ways of doing that without having to go overboard with drinking and doing stupid shit like unknowingly hurting people that I really care about.

Example: going to community dinners in Highland Park with friends/neighbors. Another example: going to a restaurant for the dessert & tea w/ a friend, & not even looking at the drink menu. Yet another example: randomly having a ‘sing-off’ w/ a friend at the park & not caring if onlookers think we’re crazy. I could go on, but you catch my drift.

And it took me realizing how much I’d hurt others to want to change myself. I was hurting, so I didn’t realize that I was inadvertently hurting people. At first, I was just amazed that people cared enough about me to actually be hurt by me/angry at me. It then made me think, “If you have friends that care about you, you’ve got a responsibility to not be an asshole to them. If you are an asshole, just apologize. If you’re sincere, they’ll usually forgive you. It might take some a bit longer than others (a lot longer, really), but it’ll happen. Oftentimes, your relationships will emerge stronger from having been stretched to the limit.”

And if, by chance, you’re ever hurting, just remember this: it (whatever “It” is) might seem hopeless. It might seem never-ending. It will be excruciating at times. But it gets better. And those friends that you hurt along the way? Apologize, and keep them close. You’ll need them. Trust me.

Talk soon,
Liberty <3

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