Welcome to my site! I’m excited to share myself with everyone 🙂

On here, you’ll find blog posts and information about who I am as a person. I plan to make this site a full-on one-stop shop to find out about both my professional and personal life experiences – and a host of my personal writings/poetry will appear here as well, so check back often for updates. It won’t be professional, in the traditional sense, but one will be able to find anything that one could ever hope to know about me here.

I want to rewrite the narrative of the premise of asking the question “What do you do?” We are so much more than the means by which we financially make a living. I want everyone to know what it is that I am passionate about, whatever that may be at any given time. My creativity and my soul will call this stream of pages home (at least, in a technological sense), so this in essence is a very sacred place for me. Hopefully I can inspire someone (or perhaps many someones) to switch away from a mindset of “We are our careers.” to a new mindset of “We are what makes us happy; we are what makes us feel alive.” So, enjoy, and I look forward to interacting with you in the very near future!

Talk soon,
Liberty ❤